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We are John and Jenne Singer.  We live on a small holding just outside of Auchenblae, Aberdeenshire.  


580552_3490682319416_1642255679_2799993_2017733178_nWe decided we wanted to get into a 'pure' breed of cattle and something native to Scotland.  The obvious choice was the Highland Coo!  Our decision to breed and raise highlanders was based on their good quality meat, their hardiness to both terrain and weather, their long and distinguished ancestry, their wonderful temperaments and of course their long, thick, flowing coat of rich hair and majestic horns!

We started our fold with the purchase of two heifers in September 2008.  They were Ellen of Lochinch and Emma 2nd of Lochinch, both from Doonies Farm, Aberdeen.  We then expanded our fold in October 2009 with the purchase of two more heifers in Oban.  They were Lady Dubh 2nd of Mosscairn and Malda Ruadh 6th of Achnacloich. We've had a few purchases since then as well as some births, now we just have to start selling some of them!

cattleWe have been learning as we go on how to raise this wonderful breed and have not regretted our choice for a second.  They are a pleasure to work with and have surprised us with their personalities and intelligence.

It is our hope to establish a respected fold of predominately black colour with strong bloodlines.  Of course no fold is complete without some of the other wonderful colours to be found with this
diverse breed!

The name for our herd or 'fold' as Highlanders are referred to comes from a Castle that used to be found in our back field, immediately attached to our back garden.  The Castle was called Kintore Castle after the Earl of Kintore or sometimes referred to as Glenfarquhar Castle. 

The following information comes from the 'Auchenblae Messenger'

"The information that the local authority Archeological experts could provide is that there was a castle that was demolished in the mid 1600s . Some of the stones were used in the building of the existing neighbouring houses.

Old records suggest that the Falconers used to be the lairds of Glenfarquhar and one of these was a son of the Earl of Kintore.

There is a connection between the Laird of Kintore in Aberdeenshire and Glenfarquhar.  It appears that one of the sons of the Kintore estate acquired the Mains of Glenfarquhar estate.  These were the Falconers.  This could be why the Castle is referred to as Kintore Castle by some.  There are records of Falconers being born in the area, but the title for the estate became extinct in the early 1700's.  During the late 1600's the remarried widow of Sir David Falconer was asking for maintenance for her 7 children because the 'Laird of Glenfarquhar' had not made any provision for them!" [1]

The Singer family has been established at the Mains of Glenfarquhar for the past 80 years.

We are still constantly learning and welcome any suggestions or questions.  We'll do our best to help you, just as we've been so kindly helped by members of the Highland Cattle communities.

 IMG_3431.1~ John & Jenne Singer

1. Auchenblae Messenger Volume 6, Issue 5, December 2004 & Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2005.
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